Miller Spectrum 1250

The Miller spectrum 1250 has the power to handle the heaviest plasma cutting applications.

  •  It's rated cutting capacity of 1 1/4 inch mild steel or stainless steel also includes cutting 1 inch aluminum.
  •  Easily pierces up to 1 inch thick steel and offers a powerful gouging arc for those hard to get to heavy-duty applications.
  •  Delivers the day to day long term performance needed in production fabrication and manufacturing, and industrial applications.
  •  The automatic post-flow cooling feature extends consumable life by providing post-cut airflow to the cutting tip.
    Miller Spectrum 1250 DC Plasma Cutting System
    Miller Spectrum 1250 DC Plasma Cutting System
    Time Remaining: 16d 10h
    Buy It Now for only: $999.99

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